About Us

THE BAKER HOWARD CONTEMPORARY is proud to present a select, and rather wonderful, group of artists on our new creative gallery hub which is a platform for exciting, emerging or ‘under-the-radar’ artists, giving them the opportunity they deserve, as we all come blinking into the daylight after a terrible year and two lockdowns. All our artists have outstanding ability, very few have received the commercial recognition they deserve, and many are potential stars of the future.

On our roster we have painters, a synesthetic artist, sculptors, photographers, installation artists, site-specific practitioners, and video producers; some at the cutting edge of artistic practice. They emerge from all corners of the world – France, China, Poland, Holland, Nicaragua, USA, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Dubai, India, Russia, Vietnam and many from the UK.

Greek Street Gallery

Richard Baker-Howard

Richard has been involved in the art world for the last couple of decades as art dealer, curator, art auctioneer and writer on all matters artistic. He founded his first gallery in Kent, and his most recent gallery was in Bloomsbury. Since 2015 he has also been curating pop-up exhibitions in the Far East and has been involved with many artists at the cutting-edge of artistic practice. THE BAKER HOWARD CONTEMPORARY was founded to represent several of these fabulous artists with whom he has engaged and nurtured. Many clients rely on his critical evaluation and aesthetic judgement honed during these many years in the art market.

Richard's degree from the University of London was in the History of Art, with his dissertation on the Theoretical Constructs and Aesthetics of Donald Judd's Specific Objects. He is primarily interested in the nature of aesthetics and the philosophical underpinning of minimalism and its intersections with semiotics through the work of theorists such as Ferdinand de Saussure, who sought to examine the process of how language makes sense to us. Although an Egon Schiele obsessive, he is a formalist at heart and subscribes to Clive Bell's philosophy of significant form being the most coherent determining factor of art status (as foregrounded below). Richard has always taken a rigorously art historical perspective to his artists, but his desire to have fun and to play around with ideas has always trumped any slavish attitude to style.

Alice Gee

Alice Gee arrives into London from Shanghai, where she contributed to the Ran Dian, a digital art magazine, as an art critic and experimental writer. She joins THE BAKER HOWARD CONTEMPORARY as Gallery Manager. Alice brings with her a zeal for fresh perspectives and creative thinking, which she underpins with a commercial and intellectual gauge of the current art scene. In a saturated and rapidly changing market, she seeks to help our artists to find engaging ways to communicate.

Alice Gee holds a degree in English from the University of Cambridge. In her final year, she specialised in Visual Culture, and narrowed her focus to contemporary art. She continually finds herself drawn towards the avant-garde or mystic, and towards works which recognise and gesture towards what David Bohm calls 'the coherent whole', or a shared, nouménal reality. As a result of her study of Literature, she is greatly interested in the intersection of language and art, and in works which bypass the clumsiness of language games to tell stories unspoilt by words. To borrow the words of Mel Bochner, her ultimate philosophy is that great Art is Art which goes 'beyond being the record of someone else's perception to becoming the recognition of one's own’.

Matthew Dorabiala

Matthew joins the Baker Howard Contemporary as our Operations Manager. Matthew is a creative problem-solver, with an extensive array of skills accrued in the creative industries. In 2019 Matthew graduated from Manchester School of Art with a degree in 3D Design. He actively develops his scholarly understanding of the cultural sector through his study of Arts and Cultural Management at King's College London. Besides this, Matthew is also a classically trained fine artist. His works have been purchased by international collectors and his freelance graphic design practice has allowed him to work with clients from around the world.

As a practitioner at heart, Matthew is using this master’s course to become a more conscious and up to date multidisciplinary artist. He has done this through a variety of projects, including a podcast series which shares knowledge in a new and creative way and encourages a continuous discussion across artistic mediums about the significance of art in society.