As we enter 2021, we continue to extend a ticket into the world behind our paintings, and a chance to get to know our talented artists.

This week, we showcase the process and artistry of Ricardo Maya, Sandor Barics and Sheeba Khan.

Ricardo Maya

Ricardo Maya was born in Cuba and graduated from the University of Enrique Jose at Felix Varela, also in Cuba. He has been further trained to a high degree in several artistic disciplines from ceramics to engraving, silk-screening to lithography. He is a multi-talented artist, illustrator and designer. Maya is now living in Nicaragua, and his Latin American and Cuban identity still has a profound effect on his artistic styles and creativity. His major influence has been Surrealism, from artists such as Dalí, Magritte and De Chirico. But others, such as the protean Pablo Picasso, Tomas Sanchez and even Frida Kahlo have added perspective to his paintings

Sándor Barics

Sándor Barics is a contemporary Hungarian artist renowned for developing intriguing abstract interpretations of concepts from astrophysics. His singular ability to pass, Hermes like, between the worlds of science and art lies at the core of his mission.

His mixed media meditations on the cosmos are entire worlds unto themselves. Rising out of the surface like the mountains of distant planets, the consistent use of three dimensional design along with traditionally two dimensional composition feel like artifacts, reminiscent of some bas relief creations by a lost culture who studied the spheres above with zealous wonder.

These works are emanations of pure experience, the flashing imagery of the mind grasping at bizarre revelations of contemporary science.

Sheeba Khan

Dubai based artist Sheeba Khan is much more than just another wonderful artist, her story is almost out of a fairy-tale.

The eclectic mix of vivid abstracts captures the vibrancy of her colourful childhood. Each of her deeply layered pieces embodies a myriad of stories, letting the beholder find a new interpretation with every fresh look. With audacious colours and passionate storytelling she has garnered rave reviews from arts communities across the world. The intricate network of lines, specks, and subliminal shapes leave complex nooks and crannies of her mind and happily pick their spot on the canvas.