Barana Saadat

Barana Saadat was born in Iran and graduated from the Islamic Azad University in Tehran. From her early childhood, she always had a great curiosity to seek the truth, and it was during these formative years that Saadat also began to examine her own mindset in tandem with her studies of other human beings. The discipline of philosophy, as a path to personal enlightenment, was crucial to the artist discovering the obscure and lost pieces of her inner self and her unknown and uncontrollable dimensions. But more important than philosophy was art. Art has always been Saadat’s primary study inspiration and motivating factor, and her most important method of communicating with the world.

In the process of artistic creation, she also connects to her own true self; this perspective gives her a deeper and more transparent insight into the outside world and its concepts. These concepts are frequently humanistic in nature, such as anxiety, fear, turmoil, skepticism, distrust, and helplessness; they have all informed her work, and they seem to Saadat to be the principal characteristics of our contemporary lives. Although sometimes we may be filled with anxiety and doubt, Saadat suggests that we have still a colourful and ornate world in which to socialise and to fill any ‘empty spaces in our souls. The artist suggests that ‘even at the moment we become immersed in ourselves, we are less familiar with ourselves’. On one level, Saadat believes that evasion and self-doubt deprive humans of their true identity, but on another level, the battle between science, philosophy, and religious beliefs has removed any form of ‘sanctuary’ that was once our ancestors’ legacy. Saadat’s artworks emerge from colors, disturbances, and suspensions in her deepest inner layers to form raindrops of sharp abstract notions, as well as a touch of beautiful and subtle truth.

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