Dasha Art

Dasha was born in 1990 in Vitebsk, Belarus. She attended school here and then graduated from Vitebsk Art Academy. This fascinating eastern European city was home to Marc Chagall and the avant-garde movement of Suprematism. It was also where Kazimir Malevich established his UNOVIS school, described as the Bauhaus of the East. From her earliest childhood, Dasha has been engaged in an art that is deeply infused with the legacy of this city, particularly in its art but also its dance, circus and ballet. These rich creative traditions and cultural roots can clearly be seen in Dasha’s paintings as she synergizes Cubist, Geometric, Suprematist and Ethno-Aesthetic styles to produce her strikingly colourful canvases. It was also the classical art education she received here that inspired Dasha to produce her formal compositions. As Dasha opines ‘People who work with geometries and finished shapes often have a similar character. Not everyone likes to draw lines and simple shapes, this is a feature of some perfectionism and a search for the ideal. Ideal in everything, in life and in pictures. I feel part of this in my character and I try to achieve the ideal’. Although Dasha has experimented with acrylics in her earlier work, her medium of choice is now oil which is perfect to achieve this ideal and her absolute precision of line and colour.

Dasha comments further: ‘geometry is what I do best, any idea is easier for me to draw linearly. I see it this way and it's interesting. I can say that this feeling is innate rather than acquired’. Being so full of ideas and artistic spirit, this multidisciplinary artist will be experimenting with other mediums such as sculpture and installation work next year, but Dasha is already renowned for her photography and over the last five years she has won more than twenty prestigious photo awards around the world, her most recent being the Best Professional Photographer of the Federation of European Photographers of 2020. Her photographic style is based on fine art, creativity and fashion, and has attracted a worldwide fan base. She will represent Belarus at the Art Zone of the World Expo in Dubai 2021. Though she clearly acknowledges the challenges of being an artist, Dasha could never dream of being anything else. She accepts that the world is full of bad news, so she wishes to bring some joy through her art. An inexhaustible number of ideas and sketches keep her constantly busy. DASHA devotes her life to art; art is not part of her life - it is her life!

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