David Jones

David Jones’ art education was in the West Country where he was awarded his fine art honours degree. He paints people in staged-looking situations and makes use of furniture, clothing and other props that provide a range of surfaces and textures. He will frequently insert animals or models of animals that have a historical relationship with humanity, and even insert himself into paintings, in reflections or as a spectator/voyeur; a creative device regularly used by Caravaggio, Velázquez and Rembrandt. The artist comments: ‘I explore compositions and imagery of the great European painters of the High Renaissance and Baroque periods. My aesthetic has been informed by research into the historical context and technique of these masters, yet in style is expressive of a contemporary sensibility and a playful enjoyment of the medium of paint’. 

The starting point for a painting or series from Jones usually originates from a simple desire to paint something he has seen like a sky, an interior, an item of clothing or a person who has sparked his imagination. After the initial inspiration he develops situations, relationships and anecdotes that enrich the narratives of the paintings and allow him to explore and articulate themes that are occupying his mind. A good example of this would be the ironic title Take Me I’m Yours from Squeeze, one of his favourite bands of the 1980’s, which contains the line that has always had resonance to him, ‘Forever there will be a Heaven in Your Kiss’. The identity numbers on the police helmets refer to Aphorism 341 - a paragraph by Nietzsche that introduces us to Eternal Recurrence, and 147 which is the highest score possible in a game of snooker. 

David Jones comments that he is not particularly a political artist, but it is impossible to ignore today’s politics to which he responds creatively. The Ecstasy (St. Francis and the Angel) was modelled on the artist Madeleina Kay, an illustrator and political activist from Sheffield. She was the Young European of the Year 2018, who campaigned to promote the European Union and for the United Kingdom to remain a member. Jones has held a residency at Nástupište gallery in Slovakia, and has had many solo and group exhibitions over the last few years including The Wilderness Haven at St. Pancras New Church, Twelve Months Notice at Access Space in Sheffield, and Emergence at the Riverside Kelham, Sheffield. He participated in the Let’s Talk About the Anthropocene group show at Brighton University. Jones’ work is held in many private collections in London, Los Angeles and Washington. Sheffield

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