Dieter Hanf

Dieter Hanf received his first art education from his father, who was a very talented painter and sculptor in his own right. Later on he met Wolfgang Göddertz was a well-known artist from Germany, who won many art and design prizes in his time. He taught Hanf composition, colour schemes and the development of a painting from concept to sketches to finished artwork. He also worked in photographic mediums, being educated by two engineers specialising in photo techniques and design. He started working with fine art photography in 1978 as a self-employed photographer with his own studio, using all analogue formats and camera types. Hanf invented a transportable darkroom solution and used it in his work as a photographer at live music gigs from bands like The Cure, Simple Minds, and Human League amongst others. He used to produce his own prints in black and white as well as colour, and did many experiments during the chemical process to find interesting ways to highlight details and hidden treasures. Today, in times of digital photography, Hanf still loves to experiment with photography to express his creativity, because he knows it is possible to delve far more thoroughly than the mere surface of the canvas. The vast majority of Hanf’s work is based on his mastery of photography, whether this is with reference to documentary, abstract or figurative art. He experiments with genre, and often produces spectacular ranges of colour on the one canvas offering double or multiple exposures often with patterns and layering techniques to create something unexpected.

The artist acknowledges it is not always easy to be human and to avoid conflict, which is why his art often focusses on the abstract, the philosophical and the technical, as he confronts issues such as Coronavirus, Space and Galaxies, and their biotechnological structure. But he believes art is not just about aesthetics, it has the potential to allow us to live better on this earth and is a medium of intellectual and emotional understanding. Throughout many career changes and further study into philosophy, German language, and linguistics, Hanf has always stayed true to photography. Art is his passion which he creates for his own pleasure whether a gallery wishes to exhibit his work or not. However, since 2018 he has used the opportunities presented by social media to offer his work to a global audience, which has responded with enthusiasm. It is no surprise that many exhibitions have resulted. Dieter Hanf has had many shows around the word over the last few years. He is one of the EDGIC artists and, since 2018, has worked in collaboration with the Australian artist Tetka Rhu. The Dusek & Hanf Art Project was born in 2019 and is an ongoing art collaboration. Moon Dreams, his 3D virtual solo exhibition at Kunstmatrix, Berlin, has been critically acclaimed. He has also shown at ArtExpo Zürich, and in Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, as well as Zurich and New York. He will soon be presented in Barcelona, and in London at the Baker Howard Contemporary.

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