KV Duong

KV Duong was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 1980. He is an auto-didact with a background in structural engineering. Duong is now an artist and action painter, based in London, who draws from personal experiences having grown up in HCMC and Toronto.

His work primarily focusses on identity, war migration, sexuality and human relationships. Of particular relevance is his personal subset of integration issues growing up as a gay Asian male, and his family’s experiences of cultural assimilation in Canada as a minority immigrant family. He regularly explores the integration and conflict between traditional Asian values and his own Western liberal upbringing. The predominant themes of war migration and the Asian diaspora are examined throughout his art which involves ripping and overlaying various historic images of the American War in Vietnam with photographs of the artist’s body-painting performances. With the subsequent layering of paint on top, he builds new narratives while sometimes scraping back the paint to reveal some of the works’ history, in a characteristic palimpsest approach.
Duong has been a part of several open competitions including the Derwent Art Prize, Discerning Eye, Royal Cambrian Academy Open and BBC’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Programme.

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