Manuel Domingo Castellanos

Manuel Domingo Castellanos was born in Madrid, and studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University in the City. He completed his Doctor of Fine Arts in 1999 with a PhD thesisentitled ‘the technification of the sketch’.Domingo Castellanos does not remember when he started to draw because he feels he has always been living with art, and art has defending him duringlife’s hard times allowing him to overcome obstacles.His art is not intended to teach anything to anyone, he simply seeks a greater understand of the world. He certainly does not believe hissituation is that of the hedonist confined to his ivory tower who performs his artistic work only to morbidly enjoy his production in a Wagnerian exaltation of beauty; he views art as a vital lifeline incivilisation’s progress.

He respects all artistic traditions that he considers‘honest’, such as lyrical abstract painting with its evanescent blurring, but he is inspired by many other movements, even simple line drawing. He suggests that ‘it is not a question of means or tendency, but of achievement and expression’.If he had to describe his art in a word, he would say, momentum–‘that impulse that pushes you to do something’.Domingo Castellanos has spent many years transiting the border betweenabstract and figurative/representational art; he loves the abstract, but feels compelled to tellstories of the life around him through his paintings.Although acrylic painting gives him variety of resources and possibilities, he has also worked with oil, watercolour and drawing (mainly with ballpoint pen and markers), collage and photomontage. He is now even experimenting with sewing fabrics onto canvas, which he later paints. Although he loves the countryside, Domingo Castellanos habitually paints cityscapes, ‘because they are with me every day’. However, any place, or indeed any moment or everyday situation, can stimulate his creative juices. The artist does not need to witness an important event; he prefersjust to ‘go with the flow of life’.

He commences a painting by producing an abstract picture where he is only interested in the game between texture and colour; he thinks that the textures in the background must be spontaneous.He works passionately, with an unthinking attitude, and he will often simply throw paint on canvas; ‘the form comes later’. To complete a picture, he adoptstwo opposing attitudes: the first is over-excited and violent (near abstract expressionism or action painting), the second is methodical and rigorous, based essentially on the drawing.He is an artist in whom the same subject can develop into thousands of interpretations, but only when he is fully satisfied with the work,and the result between his perception of the uncontrolled background and the recognisable image of the form, will he consider the work balanced, complete and finished.

Domingo Castellanos has had more than twenty solo exhibitions and many other Group shows in diverse places, such as Spain, Holland, the UK, Republic Dominican and Finland. He has also participated in several Art Fairs in U.S.A. Belgium, France, Spain and Holland. He has won nine art prizes in Spain, and his work is held in several private and public collections and at an art Contemporary Museum (ca2m).

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