Sumit Singh

Sumit Singh, known as EmperorSessle44, is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist based in the UK. Sumit believes that names hold significance, but one’s artistic actions speak far louder than mere appellations; hence by giving the artist a different identity any preconceived perceptions that come with birth names are removed.
Since leaving art school, Sumit has transformed his art into an exploration of the inner source of universal healing. He views art as a dialogue of emotions connected with nature and the universe. With a background in biochemistry, he is fascinated by the chemical interaction of materials, and how the surficial behaviour of acrylic paint interacts with different inks, alcohols and other materials, which can then transcend the limits of materiality.
His artworks act as a conversation with the viewer who can feel the essence of the colours and emotions that emanate dynamically through the pouring, splashing, spraying and gliding of chemicals around the canvas. In this process, the painting transcends mere physicality and can enlighten the conscious mind, sometimes engendering a state of equilibrium. In his latest work Sumit further explores the potential holistic and semantic properties of his abstract paintings with new digital art forms, as he uses photographic elements as a medium of poetic expression.

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