Tim Kingsmill-Brown

Tim Kingsmill-Brown was born in London in 1954. He trained at Watford and Exeter Art Colleges, but soon found himself investigating the techniques of the Old Masters rather than following the path of abstract expressionism and conceptual art practised by many of his contemporaries. In recent work he has actually been revisiting this abstraction, but all along he correctly surmised that abstraction was very easy to execute badly, and extremely difficult to perfect!
Kingsmill-Brown’s passion, and the almost lyrical execution of his oeuvre, can clearly be seen in his fantastic landscapes, where he aims to capture something of the genius loci (spirit of place) in paint, rather than the purely topographical. His influences span widely, but clearly start with the master of Romanticism, JMW Turner. Kingsmill-Brown’s focus on the lineage of the early 1800's Romantic school and the sublime; that raw, overwhelming power of nature, is where his work shimmers with life and depth. But what, he contemplates, if the sublime was in a less intimidating mood? He refers back to his art school tutor, Peter Schmidt, who stated “in a room full of shouting people, the one who whispers becomes interesting”. With Kingsmill-Brown’s work, that truth is self-evident.

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