Yorgos Resvanis

Yorgos was born in Germany from Greek parents. He grew up alternatively in Germany and Greece, but ultimately chose England to complete his Masters’ Degree in Art and Design. As well as an aspiring artist, he has been employed in business and digital marketing capacities, and is currently working as a motion graphic designer in London.

Yorgos’s multi-cultural upbringing enabled him to develop his oeuvre in dark materialism, gender inequalities, and fear & uncertainty. His artistic inspiration comes from a world that appears to be in crisis, and his work is informed by the complexities of the human condition and its moral and emotional exigencies which are embodied in his dark and dystopian physiognomies. His human beings emerge through the movement of the body and their interaction with space; the bodies are naked, heightening their distance from socially constructed views of class, distinction, beauty, and sexuality.  Rather than focusing on cognitive justifications and expressions, he follows human gestures, taking physical interactions as signs for meanings, emotions, and relations.

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